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Rik-Agro is the leader of seedless watermelons production in Ukraine


We produce the Crimean watermelons - seedless, yellow, regular, melons, and more! Here you can buy watermelons in bulk from the manufacturer at a good price. Growing technology developed over the years provides the superior quality, best in Ukraine taste and guaranteed environmental.

Melon Field
Rik-Agro Field

Our company also exports watermelons from the producer from Ukraine to Europe and the CIS countries. Is accredited by the customs, we will provide you with all the custom documents, including phytosanitary certificates. Wholesale EXW watermelon price 2013 starting from 0.25 € Euros per kilogram.

All products are grown in ecologically clean area of the Crimea, where the optimum temperature range and the bright southern sun create ideal conditions for getting the most sweet fruit.

Our products are sold in many Ukrainian supermarkets:
METRO, Furshet, Fozzy Group and others.

Today, we are able to offer several varieties of seedless watermelon (even with yellow flesh !) , And several types of melons .

Here you can buy melons in an assortment of many types to suit every taste .

Selling watermelons wholesale

We grow watermelons for about 10 years , and during that time constantly improving the technology of planting and growing to at the moment to offer you the perfect fruit of the highest quality and excellent taste .

Our agricultural products apart from the competition! We sell watermelons wholesale. On our site you can find melons, see watermelon photos and cantaloupes.

In the near future we are planning the cultivation of new varieties and hybrids.